It’s coming to the end of the year. The pressure in customer projects is slowly decreasing. Many are about to be released or have already been successfully rolled out. This is traditionally the time in the IT industry when more conferences and community events are scheduled. Even for us, it’s slowly getting a little quieter, so Peggy and Lars were able to use the time to visit a Microsoft community event again.

At the Comminity Day with the motto “Imagine Cloud”, MVPs, Student Partners, TechNet representatives, Region Directors and many other interested parties met on 27 and 28 November in the new Microsoft building near Munich to exchange views on cloud technologies and everything related to them. Although the topic of cloud and Azure is not yet so acute for HeiReS in customer projects, we are already using the wide-ranging possibilities very intensively in other areas. For example, we use Azure to store data for our ConDiSys system, which is currently under development and on which the Welcome App Germany is based, among other things.

In addition to many exciting presentations, such events also offer a lot of space for get-togethers and networking. Ultimately, they are always a nice reunion with many familiar faces of the community, which often get a little too short in the project stress.

Closing words from Peggy and Lars on this: “Always nice, always happy! #communityrocks”

Photo: Twitter, MicrosoftWelcome App Germany