Peggy and Armin at ATEC with Frank Thelen as keynote speaker

5. March 2019

Peggy and Armin participated in the Aachen Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference on 30.11.2018. They met keynote speaker Frank Thelen.

The ATAC 2018 short for Aachen Era Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference is the largest event in the region around foundation with an innovative technological focus. This year's ATC stat took place in the rooms of the Super C of the RWTH Aachen. The motto this year was "automation" in the sense of radical, technological changes. The magnet of the year was Keynot speaker Frank Thelen – well-known founder and investor with technology focus from the show Cave of the Lions. The lecture by Frank Thelen impressed Armin and Peggy lastingly – because of the content, but especially because of the openness and nature of Frank. The two founding siblings of IT helps gGmbH have therefore also asked frank equally interested questions: "What about the human factor in your approach? And do you stand on social responsibility in and in IT?" Frank was warm to the two. That's why she immediately took the opportunity to make contact and introduce herself as a non-profit company, but also as a passionate IT person. Let's see what the future holds.