Bild: Andrew Hurley (CC BY-SA 2.0)

We picked up a couple of diamonds from 2016 that we will make even more of in 2017. Simply choose the things that represent diamonds for you and contact us. Maybe it’ll fit.

Cross-platform development with XAMARIN
For some time now, we have been relying on development with XAMARIN and opening up new platforms for us – namely Android and iOS. The user interfaces are not implemented using XAMARIN forms, but native. This achieves a good and consistent all-round user experience. In UI design, too, we have meanwhile grown far beyond pure Windows solutions. If you, too, are planning mobile applications for all platforms that should keep the .Net core as a professional basis, we are the right partner for you.

Mixed realities with the HoloLense
For us as UI people, mixed reality with the HoloLens is pretty much the hottest thing currently on the market. But it is also the logical further development of software interfaces – and thus also of everything we do. Basically, we have the skills to be involved in this exciting environment, both in terms of design and development. The curiosity and enthusiasm for the topic is also very great, so that we will slowly but surely move towards the future. Take the next step with us.

A content distribution system that can do almost anything would be awesome. And since we’re almost awesome, we made it. The motto of our system is any content, any look, any device, any platform, any language. We would be happy to demonstrate what we could do for you with our ConDiSys.

Gaining new and old customers
We are very proud and happy that we have been maintaining customer relationships for 6 years. The focus is fully on the customer and we bring great benefits such as B. won design awards for him, achieved innovation funding or real market advantages. Some customers who were a bit dormant in the past also came back in 2017. We’re really glad. We are pleased that we were also able to win and inspire new customers. We will continue to maintain such partnerships in 2017. We have a lot to do and will work hard with our own passion for customers and projects.

Even more awards for design and innovation
Having won the Red Dot Award last year, we now want more. We won the German Design Award at the beginning of the year. Now others are coming – maybe even international ones. The Microsoft MVP Award, which Lars and Peggy have received consistently since 2013, is also a reason to be proud. If you consider that we are a sufficiently small company, that is phenomenal. If you want to be an award-worthy, speak to us. Maybe we can do something together.

IT hilft gGmbH i. G.
IT could help in many ways. Unfortunately, good solutions are often only available to people or companies with the appropriate purchasing power, since the core goal of the applications is either profit or profile delivery. The basic principles of professional software applications are either more selling or more saving. IT will help and create solutions for the weaker of society. Peggy has something in the making … Stay tuned.