Learn from the best: Our experienced trainers

Our trainers are experts in their field with more than 20 years of practical experience. With us, you get the treatment of a chief physician for your training project, so to speak. This is because the three trainers are permanently employed at HeiReS in a management position or as managing directors. To give you an idea of which of our experts may soon be holding a training course at your premises, we introduce all of them in detail here.

Here you can get an idea of our best

Peggy Reuter-Heinrich

Peggy Reuter-Heinrich started out in the advertising and later multimedia industry almost 30 years ago. She is familiar with the design and implementation of printed matter, web 0.2 to web 2.0, Flash, Windows desktop software and mobile apps. Her new favourite topic is accessibility in and with IT.

  • Managing Director and Head of Design Unit at HeiReS
  • Focus on user experience and usability, and productive in concept, design, prototyping and UI implementation.
  • Active as a designer for more than 25 years with experience ranging from print, web, flash, multimedia to software and apps.
  • Accredited trainer, speaker and author
  • Honoured with Microsoft MVP Award from 2013 – 2018 (Windows Dev)
  • One of the few UI designers in Germany who actively work with Blend and XAML from the very beginning.
  • Founder, main shareholder and managing director in an honorary capacity at the non-profit IT hilft gGmbH

Lars Heinrich

Lars Heinrich is a developer with heart and soul. In the beginning he was more in the world of web technology and as a flasher, but now he is a self-confessed .NET developer. He is always an early adapter for new technologies and has already managed large projects with WPF in the alpha phases. He works as a technical manager, consultant, trainer, but especially enjoys and thrives as a developer with an inventive urge. With a lot of creativity, he always creates real solutions for customers’ technical problems.

  • Partner-Managing Director and Head of Development Unit at HeiReS
  • Multi-certified Microsoft Certified Solution Developer active and networked in the Windows Insider Program
  • Knowledgeable in C# and XAML as well as XAMARIN
  • Special expertise in WPF and UWP Apps
  • Honoured with Microsoft MVP Award from 2013 – 2018 (Windows Dev)
  • Recognised trainer, speaker and author
  • Focus: Windows 10, LOB UWP Apps, IoT

Armin Reuter

Armin Reuter has been professionally and privately involved in the computer, media and internet world for more than 20 years. After working for a long time as a system administrator for a large media group and as a specialist for Web3D and virtual worlds, he has been managing projects in the field of software development and application design for desktop software and mobile solutions for over 10 years. As a certified project manager, he can contribute not only his specialist knowledge but also his many years of wide-ranging experience.

  • Employed as project manager and usability engineer at HeiReS
  • Multiple certified in the field of technology, project management
  • Fraunhofer certified usability engineer
  • Speaker for usability topics at developer conferences
  • Special expertise in WPF and UWP Apps
  • Recognised trainer, speaker and author
  • Main focus: Usability according to ISO, accessibility, website solutions
  • Co-shareholder of the non-profit IT hilft gGmbH