Regular readers of our blog or newsletter will perhaps remember … In August 2016 we published an article about the “HeiReS CMS”, which was supposed to show how extremely versatile, multilingual, cross-platform and offline-compatible the CMS is for the Welcome App but this limitation has outgrown more and more. Even the title “HeiReS CMS” is no longer really appropriate. It is still a HeiReS project, but much more than “just” a CMS (= Content Management System).

Blog post from August 2016:

In order to do justice to the scope of functions and possibilities that have arisen in the meantime, we are continuing the project under the name “ConDiSys” (abbreviation for Content Distribution System), because that is exactly what the combination of databases, front end for content maintenance and customizable app Packages for all platforms. It is possible to provide content in a multimedia, multilingual, cross-platform and offline-compatible manner.

Here is an overview of how the individual elements of the system and their users are related:

Since ConDiSys is the direct further development of the “HeiReS CMS” project, here are the most important facts again:

– XAMARIN based apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
– can also be used on iOS, Android and Windows tablets (from 8.1)
– In the future, it will even be available as a classic Windows version for PCs
– Multilingual with freely selectable languages as required
– Text, images, audio and video material implemented or on demand
– Established role model for users with a wide variety of authorizations
– Highly adaptable to all conceivable usage scenarios and use cases
– Highly adaptable to any design and look-and-feed need
– Cost-efficient system thanks to the use of existing components

[slideshare id=73089771&doc=heirescondisysvorstellung-170313110254&w=800]

We would be happy to present ConDiSys to you or design possible uses for your company.

You can find our contact information here.