A digital solution for migrants and foreign guests of all kinds for Germany, in cooperation with federal states, counties and cities, requires good planning and implementation – along with a solid foundation and professional software development. Therefore, more than two years after the successful implementation of the Welcome App Germany, HeiReS – short for Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH and IT hilft gGmbH have completely revamped the system as well as the app solutions for users. As experts in design and development, HeiReS designed the new building and can proudly announce the result today.

Some excerpts:

  • Architecture Conversions and Socketing to .NET
  • Build system with intelligent updates under Azure
  • Redesign of the solution on all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Basic base on the professional platform .NET including XAMARIN
  • New development of the mobile apps for Android and iOS as native professional solutions.
  • Complete new development of a desktop software in WPF (best to write it out once) for older Windows PC’s

Benefits for the solution

  • Great language diversity – already 14 languages
  • Regional diversity – already 100 individual regions
  • Integration of interesting new subject areas
  • Integration interessanter neuer Themenbereiche
  • Creation of a German course including a vocabulary trainer – already over 500 German phrases