It all started in Corfu!

Always in May (so in the 5th month of the year), members of the Heinrich family and the Reuter family travel together to Corfu. And on Corfu it was in 2012 also, where the name of the new to be founded company Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH – short “HeiReS” – was decided, which was finally registered with foundation date 01.06.2012 in the commercial register with equal shares of Lars Heinrich and Peggy Reuter-Heinrich.

No review without a little splurge!
Five years as a limited liability company are a long time, characterized by many large and small, positive but also negative events, experiences and lessons learned. We do not want to look back dramatically now and list all the good and bad in detail. We can only say this much: Since its foundation, HeiReS GmbH has been constantly in the black, we have been able to establish ourselves as experts in our fields and we now need our own shelf for our awards and distinctions.

Identity sharpening after 5 years does good!
Shortly before the expiration of the mentioned 5 years, it was time for us to question and sharpen our identity and our focus a little bit, despite the many successes. It is not that we lost sight of our identity as a company and the vision behind it, but we felt that it needed to be rethought and corrected. Now, more than ever, we can say that the hand in hand between design and development, that the joint goal-oriented work and that the fun in exciting projects is our program.

Let’s do it like Luther: Let’s write theses!
In the last few months before our 5-year anniversary, various internal events and occasions have given us a lot to think about as a company, but also each employee for himself / herself in his / her role in it. Initiated by Peggy and with the participation of the whole HeiReS team, 50 points were created under mottos like “What we are / What we are not” and “What we want / What we do not want”. From now on, these points, which have been briefly renamed our theses, are always a little bit of a guideline and guideline in many points, from which not only we but also our customers profit almost daily.

Well then, here’s to another 5 years and more!
We will certainly always remember our first 5 years as a GmbH, after all, we have learned a lot from the ups and downs in many respects. And we will certainly also keep pulling out the “50 HeiReS Theses” that resulted from these 5 years and check ourselves against them … maybe even this year on Corfu, where it all began 5 years ago.

Lars, Peggy und Armin … the founding members of the HeiReS team

Bild: Dimitris Kamaras (CC BY 2.0)