HeiReS on the developer week 2017

27. April 2017

It has almost something of a reunion… every year in early summer DWX meet virtually all well-known experts of the software industry in Nuremberg to the organised by developer media developer week, briefly called. Unlike as in normal class meeting is on the DWX tells not only of the past, fed and drunk. The catering in the Nuremberg exhibition halls is always top notch, but on the DWX's user interface presentation, app and Web app development rather less about "sooner" but rather to current and future issues in software development.

We are pleased by the 26. up to 29. June 2017 for the fourth time in a row with several HeiReS employees at the #DWX17 as to be invited experts and for the visitor hopefully exciting the biggest Developer Conference in German-speaking and interesting lectures:

Heinrich, Lars: Lessons learned: Xamarin apps with native UIs from the perspective of a Windows Ent
wicklers26. 06.2017 15:30 16:30, track: Mobile concepts

Reuter-Heinrich, Peggy: Could IT help… social responsibility in apps and Softwa
re28. 06.2017 11:45-12:45, track: soft skills

Reuter, Armin: The TRON principle: user successfully elimini
eren28. 06.2017 14:15 15:15, track: UI & UX

A brief "Introduction" to the DWX:

More information at www.developer-week.de and www.facebook.com/DeveloperWeek