Conversation on accessibility at the kitchen table with Martin Dulig and Federal Minister Katharina Barley

25. January 2019

On May 24, the United States was the United States On 1 January 2019, Peggy, Yazan and Militza again took part in the so-called kitchen table dialogue with the Saxon Minister of State Martin Dulig and his guest Federal Minister for Justice and Consumer Protection, Katharina Barley.

Feeling more than 200 interested people followed the invitation of Martin Dulig to his travelling kitchen table to talk to him and his guest of the evening Federal Minister Katharina Barley in Dresden. Discussions included: consumer rights, about laws, but especially about Europe. Peggy also dared to go back to the kitchen table with her question "How do you want to better enforce the human right to participate in the interests of disabled citizens? And what role does accessibility with us in IT play for you?". Both Martin Dulig and Katharina Barlay gave their answers. In this context, Peggy took the opportunity to briefly address our digital solution to better reconcile family-and-professional life to the Federal Minister for Justice and Consumer Protection – especially because we will implement it barrier-free according to BITV thanks to EFS funds. Our goal is to expand our free offer for Dresden beyond Saxony for other regions in the future, so that even more people with disabilities can participate.