As in previous years, HeiReS will be represented again this year at Developer Week 2017 – DWX17 for short. This year, Armin von HeiReS was “chosen” for two events at DWX:

Session “The Tron principle – successfully eliminating users”
“User, these strange beings who constantly complain that something is not working, that they do not understand something or that something is missing – in short, they are annoying. They annoy the developers, the support people, the product managers, everyone! How beautiful the world would be without users. Finally applications, with features that only the developer determines … finally websites that are ONLY beautiful … finally user interfaces where the user does not play a role.”

Evening panel discussion”Der UX Talk”
As in 2015 and 2016, UX track chair David C. Thömmes and moderator Armin Reuter (in the back of the picture with braid and moderator cards) will again invite experts from the user interface and user experience industry to come up on stage for an evening UX talk. Exciting, professional, sometimes also controversial and of course entertaining, the panel discussion will again talk shop about current and future-relevant topics and discuss them.

Bild: UX-Talk on the DWX16 (Copyright Kerry W. Lothrop)

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