2-day training: software development in WPF with C and XAML

11. July 2019

WPF – short for Windows Presentation Foundation – is the modern standard for modern Windows software based on .Net with C and XAML. We help your developers and your software pragmatically and compactly in 2 days for the next development leap.

The challenge:

Especially with existing software solutions, one can't help but modernize at some point. Many companies have long-running software applications, some of which have been around for more than 20 years. These are mostly designed for the Windows platform. Introduced in 2006, the WPF with .NET, C, and XAML is the most professional and meaningful solution for modernizing your LOB applications. Although many developers master their craft very well, there are still some developers who can't do this art yet. This unfortunately puts the brakes on modernisation.

Duration: 2 training days with 8 lessons each in 4 working blocks

Coach: Lars Heinrich

The solution:

In a practical training, the WPF guru Lars Heinrich will introduce you to your developers. He comes as one of them and brings a lot of practical experience in large-scale projects. No training from above, but right in the middle of it. With a lot of respect for large grown software projects, it takes your developers to the next level of line-of-business applications. He is himself a certified Microsoft Developer (MCSD) and has nearly 15 years of WPF experience. WPF is still a "bread and butter" business in his day-to-day work as a development manager at HeiReS. So he can take your developers to a structured training also give a lot of tips and tricks from practice. If desired, Lars Heinrich also works into your solutions and also provides real problem solutions.

Training content:

  • XAML as the language of description
  • Logical Tree and VisualTree
  • ContentProperties, DependencyProperties, and AttachedProperties
  • Deployment and Tools
  • Windows Client Technology
  • The Model View View Model (MVVM) Pattern
  • Separation of layout and program code
  • Optimum resource handling
  • Working with Styles
  • From code to application
  • How testing and debugging works
  • Trigger
  • Events
  • Binding
  • Converter
  • TemplateSelector
  • Validation
  • Behaviors
  • VisualStates
  • Threading
  • Patterns and Frameworks

The knowledge is built up from your context on a concrete, jointly coordinated practical example. The take-away effect for your participants is therefore not only a lot of know-how, but also real work results that can be continued.


  • Room equipment with beamer or TV
  • Technique for participants: Laptop or Windows PC to join
  • Software: Windows 10, Visual Studio, Blend
  • To join: paper, pens, whiteboard, flipchart

Sie wollen gebrauchstaugliche Software-Lösungen? Schon bald kann eine Schulung in Ihrem Hause stattfinden.