Design services for startups

3. October 2019

What can good design achieve?

  • Increase in recognition value
  • Confidence building
  • Uniqueness of the company
  • Teaching competence
  • Increase in requests

What do you really need?

There are many ways to spend money on design. In the beginning, however, you won't need a complete corporate design.
However, the logo, business card, stationery, flyer and homepage belong to the basics. It is important to start with this.

Why does a company need a logo?

A logo represents a company. At best, it communicates everything a potential customer needs to know about the company. For example, which values are represented and what knowledge can be expected. Therefore, a clear image and typography language is important to make the new company known.
The logo is used everywhere, on the products, business cards, advertising materials up to the website.


Business card is the absolute classic and still indispensable in networking to make new contacts and leave a good first impression.
The stationery completes the overall appearance.
This is not to be forgotten when it comes to business equipment:

  • Business card professionally designed and printed in high quality
  • Paper lettering and as a digital template
  • Observe standard content and DIN standards


In our time, a website is almost always a must for startups, it is considered young and innovative.
The website much more than the business card on the net. So the question is not whether you should set up your own website, but rather what goals you want to achieve with it and how. The content, the design and the structure are strongly dependent on the target group.
A startup at the website should also bear this in mind:

  • Good presentation of the business idea
  • Responsiveness
  • Personal presentation of the entrepreneur
  • Latest news and successes
  • A clear offer and benefit for customers
  • Provide direct contacts
  • Professional implementation – also with cost-effective CMS
  • Don't save on output for domain and hosting

Due to our many years of experience, we can arrange these services at very reasonable prices for you as a start-up.