ConDiSys – Any content, any device and any design

Special features of our content management system

This is how the Content Distribution System for large digitization projects

  • User-centric
  • Demand-driven
  • Inspiring
  • Sustainable
  • Future-proof
  • For Windows PCs from 7 to 10
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Desktop software
  • Web application
  • Accessibility
We offer an innovative edge
  • Easy to use
  • Cost efficiency
  • Multilingualism
  • Universal use
  • Established system
  • Professionalism

Free of charge as a basis for Welcome-App-Germany – since 2015

  • Since 2015
  • 16 integrated languages
  • 9 main categories with extensive information for immigrants in Germany
  • More than 80 subcategories
  • 27 integrated regions with over 500 helpful local addresses
  • As app, software and website
Free of charge as a basis for family-and-work – since 2018

  • Since 2018
  • 11 integrated languages
  • 15 main categories with extensive information about family and career
  • More than 120 subcategories
  • Pilot region Dresden, Saxony and Augustusburg with over 500 local contacts
  • As app, software and website

Für eine frei gestaltbare Optik

We design the entire appearance of the target applications according to your specifications and wishes. So you are not only innovative, but also convince with modern design
For all platforms and device classes
Thanks to intelligent division into app package and download packages, content in the ConDiSys apps is available even with no or very poor Internet connection.

For content and topics of all kinds

Whether for companies or administration, migrants, authorities, work, culture, products, publications, information; whether worldwide, Europe-wide, Germany-wide or local – everything is possible.
Broadly realized multilingualism
A connected automated translation provides an initial basis in multiple language versions. Through the correction interface for translators, you thus realize multilingualism in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Accessible and inclusive approaches

By simplifying language and structure, universal design, appropriate programming and connection of assistive technologies, we could create barrier-free standards through ConDiSys.
Suitable for regional structures
Our system is optimally designed for large structures, be they thematic, user groups or federal-regional.
In this way, you achieve an individual solution with a high degree of scalability.

Interactive map

  • Filtering by topic
  • View of the neighborhood
  • Zoom on district
  • Marking with color and icon
  • Direct details about each contact
Intelligent help (chatbot)
  • Question and answer dialog
  • Smart answers thanks to artificial intelligence
  • In-house development of HeiReS

Grant Calculator

  • Improvement of own and family financial situation
  • Proposal of the potentials for optimization
  • Changed calculation shows improvement in living situation
Direct search
  • For successful finding
  • Comfortable
  • Simple and fast
  • About search field in header and good search page with icons

Explainer videos

  • Sketchy explanatory video for all main topics and many subcategories
  • With animation, subtitles and voice dubbing
Interaction of the system