If you try – as we do – to get involved socially as a company with your passionate performance from design and development, you unfortunately come up against limits far too often. Be it in the investable time, be it in the feasibility or the external perception … sooner or later the form of business, the amount of time you can invest or even the profit situation stand in your way, no matter how much educational work, private time and even donations to non-profit organizations you invest. Unfortunately, we had to learn this lesson especially with our completely free orientation and migration help software project “Welcome App Germany”, but also already with other free and somehow socially oriented app solutions of us with “MeineLernkarten” or the “PeRSSonal News”.

In order not to have to deal with such things in the future, but to be able to simply concentrate on helping by means of modern, user-centered and socially oriented IT projects, Peggy is currently founding the non-profit limited liability company “IT hilft”. As the focus of the company, here is a quote from Peggy Reuter-Heinrich about topics that are currently unfortunately missing from society or are not being given enough attention, which she would like to address with “IT hilft”:

“There is a lack of IT projects that specifically….
– Support accessibility in order to promote social participation
– Seeing integration as an important joint social task
– Focus on better teaching and learning
– Focus on compassion and justice in everyday work life
– Putting equal opportunities for women in the foreground
– Also pick up older people on the topic of digitization.
Therefore, I want to do something!”

The foundation of “IT hilft” is in full swing. Peggy has already been through business consulting, notary appointments, tax consulting and bank meetings – all with a focus on non-profit expertise. The fact that Businessplan, complete conception and realization plan, in addition, marketing plans as well as Corporate Identity already stand, goes without saying with Peggy. On 10.03. it will sign with the notary – and thus the IT helps gGmbH is in establishment. The share capital will be paid in the following week and comes from Peggy’s private funds, which she will use to make a difference in society as an entrepreneur and doer. We are a bit proud of our Peggy – of her courage, her entrepreneurial spirit and the social responsibility she is taking on. We wish her all the best in her endeavors.

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