Armin as an expert at worQS Usability consultation

24. July 2019

The recently opened COWorking location WORQS in Aachen regularly hosts consultation hours on the various topics of the IT and media industry, which are gaining a lot of attention. This is how the idea arose to set up such a consultation session on the topic of usability and UX. The choice of the expert, who competently and free of charge takes questions from the interested participants during the consultation, was made by our usability engineer Armin, who is the HeiReS representative in Aachen.

"Responding so unprepared ly unprepared and spontaneously to questions and possible problems in projects of the participants is already a challenge. Usability is a topic that usually has a lot to do with research and analysis. However, the consultation is primarily about quick and as directly accessible answers as possible. I find something very exciting … and hopefully the participants too."

The usability consultation at WORQS Aachen will take place for the first time on 24.07.2019, but further appointments are already planned. Prior registration is not required. Just stop by WORQS Aachen, Oppenhoffallee 143 (former DAA building) in Aachen at 17:00. Own projects can be brought along in the form of links, demo software or screenshots.

For more information: https://aachen.worqs.de/event/sprechstunde-usability/