Our book “Accessibility in the IT World”, hot off the press, is here

Find out everything about fair participation in digital life for everyone.
A book in easy language by Peggy Reuter-Heinrich

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Our book “Barriere-Freiheit in der IT-Welt”, hot off the press, is now available – a special edition in a preliminary version. As an introduction, it is available at cost. Thank you for your interest in inclusion. This shows social responsibility for disadvantaged people. This book gives you a head start on the topics of inclusion and digitization, which are important for so many people.

Secure the issue in a preliminary version at the introductory price. The author consciously writes in easy language and combines the topics of inclusion and IT in a catchy way. This is what makes the book so inspiring and motivates direct action. As a handy paperback, it becomes a practical companion for your everyday life. In this way, you can develop the topic with ease and integrate it into your everyday life

The valuable content

  • 5 big misconceptions about accessibility
  • How participation succeeds through barrier-free access
  • Shared responsibility for inclusion
  • Advantages and benefits of engagement
  • The 92 mandatory rules for barrier-free access
  • Learn easy language yourself
  • The practical implementation of accessibility in IT

You will gain many advantages from reading the book.

  • You get a real head start in terms of accessibility.
  • You create IT products that everyone can use.
  • You benefit from our experience for your barrier-free website.
  • You take on social responsibility and help the disadvantaged.
  • You give as many people as possible the opportunity to use your IT products.
  • You will receive a book that will help you implement accessibility.
  • You get security in accessibility if it is a legal requirement for your IT project.
  • You support disadvantaged people in the interests of the common good.

Accessibility is important for EVERYONE.
High time to find out more and get involved.

The book should be read by:

  • Companies
  • IT decision maker
  • IT professionals
  • Politician
  • Public hand
  • Inclusion Officer
  • Educational institutes
  • Affected of all kinds
  • Adviser and supervisor for those affected
  • Non-profit associations
  • Interest groups

A few quotes from enthusiastic readers of this special edition

L. E. Heinrich – Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH, Geschäftsführer

For developers in particular, easily accessible knowledge about the possibilities and specifications of accessibility according to BITV is very important. Every IT person should have a look here.

A. M. Gräf – Germanistin, ehemalige Inklusions-Assistentin

The book is highly recommended for everyone who helps shape the inclusion work and sets the course. It helps to know IT as an opportunity and ally of inclusion.

Und nun Sie, bitte.

As a reader of my book, I would like to politely ask you for a quote. Only if you liked it, of course.

Your extras for only 10 euros

  • Special edition of the book
  • Free shipping
  • Handwritten dedication by the author
  • Accessible PDF by email
  • 20% discount on repeat orders
barriere; freiheit; HeiReS; digital; Dresden; Buch; IT hilft; Peggy; Reuter; Heinrich; Online; Inklusion; Sachbuch

In 3 steps with your personal copy to more accessibility

1. Order a book

Please fill out the form completely. We will send your book “Accessibility in the IT World” by post with the enclosed invoice.

2. Read the book

Read the book with ease and be inspired by it. Each chapter contains food for thought for direct action.

3. Apply knowledge

Apply your new knowledge in practice. Check your website for accessibility or start writing in plain language.